April 10th We Start

We have run back to back sessions of Curvy Gals and now these ladies have been released into the wild...or in this case a GSA strength and Conditioning program. We are so proud of these athletes!! We do not agree that women gain confidence working out in a room that separates them from the things that make them uncomfortable. Curvy Gals is not a stopping point. It is about growth and transformation of self. So this time the 8 weeks of training will involve two strength days and one conditioning day done with the group class. Classes will run Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights for 1 hr. Strength classes will start at 7 pm. Conditioning classes will start at 9:00 am (childcare) or 5 :15 pm (no childcare). Contact us for more information and the class schedule.

Cost is $315 including GST Class starts April 10, 2017.​​

"I have never had so much fun working out until I joined Curvy Gals. The girls and instructors are fantastic. I have noticed improvements in myself mentally and physically. I recommend this class to anyone. Come out and give it a try." Crystal

"Curvy Gals has changed my life. I have struggled a long time with my weight and motivation to change it. Then I joined Curvy Gals and I have never had so much fun working out in my life. I highly recommend it to anyone to come and join us and have some great laughs with a great group of girls and instructors." Kari

"Curvy Gals is an amazing program for women or girls who want to gain more confidence and strength. The people and the coaches are super supportive and creative with a great and safe environment." Jenna